Pre-Sales for August Cup Prize Orders are now closed!

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Official Arena Cup Prizes Are Here!

For Community Leaders: Official Swag At Wholesale!

For 72 hours pre-orders will be open to League community leaders for the upcoming August Cup's official Cup swag at wholesale prices! Tournament organizers are no longer on their own to design and manufacture Cup-themed prizes each month. Using official collectibles as prizes can boost attendance, and community leaders are even permitted to sell them at a markup to help cover venue / prize expenses! Three items will be produced by the Arena for July and are available for pre-order now: pins, buttons, and stickers!

Build A Custom Prize Kit To Fit Your Community:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Has the August Cup badge design/theme been released?

Nope! In order for your order to be manufactured, shipped, and arrive by the beginning of August, we must take pre-orders 5-6 weeks in advance of the Cup launch. The August Cup design will be revealed July 18th, two weeks before the Cup opens!

Can Non-Tournament Organizers Order Gear?

Currently, these wholesale prices are only for League community leaders, and are not for sale as individual items. Ask your community leader if they will be providing official Arena collectibles as a tournament prize! And perhaps even offer to pitch in and help cover the costs! :)

How Can My Community Raise Funds With Prize Packs?

While the Silph Arena does not permit mandatory entrance fees for ranked tournaments, community leaders are authorized to purchase official Arena Cup collectibles at wholesale and charge full price for these mementos at their meetups and tournaments to help offset the costs of prizes or venues. A few ideas:

  1. Give official Stickers / Buttons as a 'Thank You' to donors
  2. Charge $1 USD for a Button or Sticker at the door as an optional donation
  3. Offer attendees the option to purchase a pin for $10 USD at the tournament

How Much Can I Charge for Pins, Buttons, and Stickers?

  1. Pins: The official enamel Cup pin is available for $5/pin at wholesale and can be sold for up to $10 USD/pin.
  2. Metal Buttons: The official Cup button is available for $.30/button at wholesale and can be sold for up to $1 USD/button.
  3. Stickers: The official Cup sticker is available for $.50/sticker at wholesale and can be sold for up to $1 USD/sticker.