October 2021 Lunar Cup Season 4

Collection: February 2020 Rose Fifth Cup Season 2

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With all the changes and challenges we have all have been through this year, we know communities were not able to meet and have their monthly cups in person. Many Tournament Officials did continue to order, and they are eagerly awaiting a time when it is safe for them to pass out the collectibles to their community.

This year we are offering a Last Chance opportunity for everyone to complete their collection of Official Arena Cup merchandise! If you are new to the Arena, this is your chance to get caught up before Season 3 starts in October.

This is the first time we are offering all the monthly collectibles to be purchased individually!

*This is a limited time offer and quantities are limited and will sell out quickly!

  • Rose Cup Badge 1" Soft Enamel Pin
    Rose Cup Badge 1
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