Collection: March 2020 Toxic Wholesale Pin Pre-Orders

Tournament organizers can pre-order Toxic Cup pins, in packs at wholesale prices (50% retail) for use as official Cup prizes for remote tournaments! You can arrange for Cup winners to get their prizes once everyone has been cleared to resume gatherings. 

Please Note: This is a pre-order, orders will start shipping soon. Due to the current conditions, shipping delays are possible (and should be expected) for domestic and international packages. Please keep an eye on your tracking number once you receive it!

*We are very fortunate to receive these pins from the manufacturer after all they have been dealing with! Quantities of the pins are lower than normal so these may not last long!

**We are only offering the enamel pins for March, we do not/will not have the buttons and stickers. 

Wholesale Packs:  Due to the delay, Toxic wholesale pre-orders and the individual purchase Toxic pins @ retail prices ($10 each) are available to order now! 

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